Green Dragon Marketing has worked extensively with legal and medical advisors to set up your medical marijuana practice to run smoothly and to be compliant with all state and federal laws.

1. Provide necessary documentation to the Florida Board of medicine/osteopathic Board of medicine for all patients treated under the “Like and Kind“ provision.
2. Compliance with documentation for the Marijuana Use Database.
3. Provide documentation for Marijuana card application for MMJ patient and their caregivers.
4. Ensures documentation of mandatory “E Force” scheduled medication database query and review for each patient.
5. Ensure each practice follows the mandated Patient Brokering and Stark law regulations.
6. Ensure MMJ practice follows EMR patient data collection and documentation standards.


Green Dragon Marketing has worked in the Florida Medical Marijuana industry setting up medical marijuana practices since the passing of Amendment 2 in 2016. We specialize in adding medical marijuana services to existing doctors offices to create more revenue and increase the diversity of services you can offer your patients. Florida’s medical marijuana system is younger than systems in place in Colorado, California, Oregon, etc. so it is possible to enter a growing and evolving industry at the ground floor.

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